Modding Work

Doom modding is one of my main hobbies, and it is also my passion. There's so much potential for bringing to life all sorts of creations, thanks especially to the advanced features of source ports such as GZDoom.

It is precisely for that port that all my mods are created. I've worked on a wide variety of projects over the years, since my humble beginnings in 2008. And of course, I doubt I'll ever stop creating (despite how the community has treated me).

Listed below are some of my most notable works. Do keep in mind that the quality varies greatly, especially when you get into the early stuff (oh boy).

Codename: Demolitionist

Formerly known as SWWM GZ, this is one of my crowning achievements, a revival of my entire modding career, a resurrection of the olden ways, of crazy weaponry and bombastic designs, drawing from all the knowledge gathered during the development of projects such as Doom Tournament and Doomreal.

Featuring many returning weapons from previous mods such as the SWWM and Ultra Suite series, as well as some from projects that never saw the light of day (Total Destruction, Weirdweapons, etc.), remastered, remade and improved into brand new creations for a grand ol' destructive time.

And of course, there's also everything that surrounds them. This mod isn't just its weapons alone, but much more added charm through its titular main character, the sassy robot Demolitionist, always at the ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum (if only they actually had a mouth). They ooze charisma in droves, and you will be walking in their big, strong, impact-compensating boots, to explode demons and save the day in all sorts of wacky ways.

I do belive that one major selling point of this mod isn't just the OP weapons, but the care that I've put into designing and balancing them in a way that doesn't feel "mindless". There is definitely some strategy involved in here, this ain't your usual "hold Mouse1 and let god sort them out" type of mod. Each weapon has its niche, and mastering them will allow you to efficiently dominate the battlefield.

While mainly being designed to make the harder mapsets out there more approachable for the average player who is not at all a "Doom God", it should also fit nicely with just about everything. You will be as overpowered as the situation calls. If a map expects you to nab a BFG and burn cells through hordes, you sure as hell are going to do that, in a very sweet-tasting strawberry hell kind of way (oh yes).

If you're ready to take the ride to exploding knee town, the links to download are down below. Do note that this mod is still in active development, so there might be a lil' bug here and there, maybe some missing features perhaps. Well, thankfully that's why downloads are separated.


One of the first planned side mods to utilize what's known as the Demolitionist Common Library. Starring the big girl with the big guns, Ibuki Miyamoto. Lots of action and destruction are to be expected as you take this unstoppable woman on a ride to mow down demons, all with a smile in her face.

There is currently nothing really playable about this mod, and active development isn't planned until Codename: Demolitionist reaches the 1.4 milestone, but you can still take a sneak peek at what's there, if you're curious.


The second of the side mods. This one, of course, featuring the smug gremlin Saya Miyamoto as a playable character. Yeah, that's going to be quite an adventure, I'm certain. Featuring some peculiar weapons, as well as some little surprises, you'll get to play something far more challenging as a mere squishy person (at least you're immortal, so you can still try again if you die).

Obviously this one has little work done too. These side mods are, again, expected to start taking true shape once I've got the final main mod updates out of the way. Then, a new generation shall arise from its success, expanding even further beyond the Demolitionist's own escapades.


The third side mod in the lineup. A wondrous adventure starring the blessed cute emperor Kirin Xanai, serving in a way as a tease of things to come in a future large-scale project. Meant mainly for Hexen, but compatibility with other IWADs will happen later on because some people simply don't like those damn puzzles.

An interesting mixture of guns and magic will be shown here. This boy isn't just all cuteness, trust me, he can kick ass and take names just as well as anyone else. Of course, all of this is something you'll get to see eventually, when work actually starts on the project. Until then, do keep your eyes on these mods as they evolve. Things will get interesting.


An unexpected fourth side mod (it's not a trilogy anymore). Featuring the creepy-cute Marisa the Ashen, a quite powerful warrior-witch of sorts, with a love for big swords as well as big guns. She may not be part of the usual gang, but as a good friend of Ibuki of course she'd love to have her own time in the spotlight.

And this one won't be alone, as optionally, her boyfriend Cinnamon Valentine can be brought along for the ride as a trusty NPC companion. He'll act as your support, providing covering fire and oftentimes sparing some of his mana to heal you should you need it. Together, you are unstoppable.

This last project has been demed a sort of "coda" for the Demolitionist saga. A closing act of sorts, leading almost straight into the development of a future project (yes, I'm of course referring to UNDEATH). There is even more to see here of how a full-fledged Anarukon warrior lets loose in the battlefield. As was mentioned before, big swords and big guns will be part of the mix. But Marisa isn't just all about that, as the daughter of one of the world's most powerful pyromancers, she's got some tricks up her sleeve as well. Oh, you will be in for a treat.

Crazy stuff, right? But there's some history to how I got here. A long road of refining my knowledge, of various experiments, some failed, some successful. No one starts their career being a master of their craft, after all.

So, next up, here's some of my older (2016-2019) work. These projects have served well to hone my modding skills, and I'm proud of this sort of "legacy" of mine, I suppose.

Doom Tournament

As someone who pretty much grew up with Unreal Tournament, this had to happen eventually. I love both UT and Doom just about the same, so if the weapons of the former could be somehow transplanted to the latter, it would be the best thing ever. That's what I thought, and with that idea in mind, I set forth to implement certain features into GZDoom itself that would better allow me to make this wish come true.

And so it did. With time, the project evolved from a simple proof-of-concept implementing the humble Flak Cannon to a full-fledged recreation of every weapon and item from the game, plus a couple other things such as its player movement and the full-on HUD with all its funky flair (and also the cheesy announcer and player voicelines, through separate add-ons).

Doom Tournament marked one of my milestones in modding, and from this moment forward, I found my true calling: Fully 3D modelled content was where I truly excelled, there was no doubt about it. A certain idea sparked later in development, which would eventually become the mod you know as Codename: Demolitionist.


Following the success of Doom Tournament, I had no choice but to make a Doomreal next, and of course, I couldn't simply just remake the arsenal of the final game alone, but also everything before it.

Some "archaeology work" was involved, as well as restoration of VERY unfinished assets and code, and in the end, it all came together into one big, ambitious project that brings back to life all those abandoned concepts from the alpha/beta leaks as well as early development documents. Sure, it may not be EXACTLY what the developers had intended, but it's not like that would ever happen anyway.

Looking back at this project, I can say that I'm proud of what I achieved. The amount of polish put into every weapon and item, every little fancy effect, all coming together into what basically could be advertised as a "remaster" of the Unreal arsenal. There's a lot of fun toys to play with in here, for sure.

Soundless Mound (Demo)

Originally created for Joel's Doom Mapping Contest II: Hellectric Boogaloo (and earning first place in it), the Soundless Mound demo is what happens when I get my fingers smashed by a closing window turn my love for the Silent Hill series into a dread-infused single-map horror experience.

Created in the span of less than a month, involving lots of arduous work, and featuring some of my most convoluted scripting work by far, this was one hell of an experience for me. The demo is set in a gloomy, gritty apartment building, one of many locations that will be featured in the full game (once I get around to making it).

Explore, find tools to increase your chances of survival, push your way through, so you may eventually escape this nightmare and return to town. Many challenges await along the way, of course. This is no longer rootin' tootin' action shooting here, you will have to tread carefully.