Game Projects

If there is one thing I've always dreamed about, since my early days of playing videogames... It's to make some myself. I've always had a thing for writing stories and such, so there is definitely some potential there for showing small glimpses into the vast world that has been brewing in my mind for over 20 years now. The so-called UnSX Multiverse.

And so, hopefully, with all the experience obtained in modding since the early 2000s, the time will come for many such game projects to be born into existence, and for you to play them.

In this page, the current lineup of planned projects will be listed. Sometime, in the future, all of them will come to fruition. At least, that is what I hope to accomplish.


So, what's the first step to take in this potential game development career? Well, let's just say that, once I've reached a certain point, I hope to finally be able to work on a standalone GZDoom project. Yes, that's the plan, it's been the plan all along. This will be the culmination of everything I learned from my past work.

I don't have much to say about this yet. The plan is to make a single-hub campaign, with many places to visit, various quests to tackle, and lots of sword, gun, and magic fighting against vicious demons never before seen in the world of Doom. You will play as a member of a team of mercenaries sent forth to Hell on a mission to assassinate the corrupt archdemon generals, effectively finishing the job that the Demolitionist had started.

I don't want to say it but... This might be a Souls-like, yeah. Maybe... Perhaps... It would be more appropriate to say it's a Hexen-like, to be honest. Or... Hexen-lite? I mean, since there's no obnoxious puzzles...

(VOID) - The Dark Alliance

So people keep telling me the Demolitionist's mod could totally become its own game. Well, guess what? It definitely could, and it definitely will, one day. I have absolutely nothing on this right now, but you will see someday, who knows, there's a lot of other projects that have to be made first before I tackle the "grand beast" that will be this. If I'm lucky, it could even be my first commercial game.

(VOID) is a reboot of the original UnSX saga, starting up from the second entry in the original series, centered around the war against the titular Dark Alliance. This time, however, with all the lore rewrites that have been taking place, it appears that the good ol' Demolitionist will be participating. How very wonderful, right?

All those worlds described merely as background lore in the past will be yours to explore, battling against evil forces to save the day. The turn of the 23rd century also marks a new generation of technology, including the Demolitionist's combat body itself, which will have a very well-deserved sleek and refreshing new look. I don't have much else to say, I've only really written the very basics of the plotline and gameplay mechanics. Seriously, this is as preliminary as it gets, it all only exists on paper... For now.

Soundless Mound

"Wait", you might be thinking, "Wasn't this already in the Doom mods page?", and you might be correct, but that was merely a demo, a proof of concept almost, so to speak. The full, grand project has yet to come, and it's going to be a big one.

You're going to face the full horrors of the town of Soundless Mound this time, as you delve into the mysterious disappearance of your brother within it. You are in for a treat, oh yes, this will be a full-on psychological horror experience, for real this time.

Explore the town, gather resources to survive, unveil various secrets and meet peculiar characters who may or may not help you on your journey to find your lost brother. The whole place is yours to explore, should you dare face the various creatures that inhabit its foggy streets, and the many more that dwell within various cursed locales. It's not just an apartment complex now, but there's also a hospital, a library, even a church, and much more.

Welcome to Soundless Mound, enjoy your stay.


In early 2016, I published a small little teaser video. A white corridor, leading to a blood and rust covered room, where something awaited you. Not much else was shown in this little project, despite all the work that went into the gameplay itself, as I had hoped to actually release a full playable teaser shortly after. And then, there was silence.

Some other things happened along the way, related to this project. One among them was the ambitious Spooktime mod for Doom. A complete change in tone for the original IWAD campaigns where some mysterious entity from a much worse place than Hell had also invaded the moon bases, massacring both human and demon alike, and spreading a pitch black darkness throughout. Your objective was simple: Survive and escape.

Serving as a sort of "promotional tie-in" for the game, Spooktime was stuck in development hell for over half a decade, and unfortunately had to be cancelled, as despite all the work that had been done, it was clearly far too ambitious, and things were clearly not working out, proving to be one real mean, stressful experience to tackle. Once more, radio silence. Until I posted a strange second teaser video on my channel, featuring yet another peculiar character, the so-called Mirror Man, who has been featured in various small horror projects I've participated in.

Suffice to say, I'm going to keep very quiet about this project from now on. I may tease little things here and there still, but... You'll have to wait for when it's done to truly understand the situation at hand. The world that we are tapping into for this one project is... Not for the faint of heart, surely.

Projecy Abyss (working title)

One day, many years ago, I was introduced to Dark Souls. As you can guess from my social media presence, I really love me those kinds of games, and I've basically eaten up every other game From Software has released on PC since (currently Elden Ring is certainly kicking my ass).

So, as you may have guessed, I had the idea of making my own Souls-like, which is totally unexpected, right? I mean, it's not like the market has been saturated with all sorts of games like that, everyone loves their damn "Soulsbornes" nowadays.

Funny enough, this whole concept came to be back in 2013. Dark Souls 2 had just been announced the year prior, and I could see where this stuff was going already. It was the type of game that really attracted me, and still does to this day. My imagination went wild, the lore of my world expanded even further into a distant future, in a distant world of dark fantasy, where gods and beasts lived and thrived, and a mysterious plague consumed a once prosperous land.

Project Abyss isn't only just that kind of game, it is also a sort of "deconstruction" of the formula in a way. The game not only is to be played, but it might also play YOU at times. There's a lot more to the world and story than what you see on the surface. But, until the distant time when this one last project comes to be, it seems you will have to wait patiently. This one... Is the highest of goals I've set for myself so far.

We'll see, hopefully as long as we're all still alive by then.