Modding Work

In 2001, I received a gift. It was a simple CD case, with the words "Unreal Tournament" written on it. From that day, everything changed for me.

One of the very first shooters I ever truly loved this is, and as such I dedicated several years of my life to playing, and also... To modding.

Unfortunately, all of my early work done in this game is lost forever. All the little experiments of a young mind expressing boundless creativity and the desire to build worlds and have lots of fun shooting bots for hours on end. Yeah, I didn't even have internet access at the time.

Then 2007 came, and with it, and my arrival on high school, the internet opened itself up to me. It wasn't exactly the friendliest of places, sure, but I learned, even if my attitude at the time didn't show it.

It's from that year onward that all the projects listed here were born, at least those that managed to survive this far. The period between 2007-2010 saw the birth of the Some Weird Weapons Mod series, and its offshoot, the Zanaveth Ultra Suite. These were the fundamental weaponry collections that served as a signature of my style. Powerful, over-the-top nonsense that's way too unbalanced to even be played for nothing else than mindless fun (and offline, because I knew jack shit about netcoding).

Without further ado, here are the mods.

Some Weird Weapons Mod: The Original

Sporting a major lack of polish, this is the very first incarnation of the mod. 23 weapons of varying degrees of quality (mostly bad), a bunch of items, and all of it scattered into lots of very disorganized code. Yeah, this is peak quality for its time.

Some staples of the series can already be found here, such as the Deep-Impact or the Explodium Gun, though do note that things are named very differently.

The absolute mishmash of files needed to run this can be downloaded down below.

Some Weird Weapons Mod: Gold Edition

After some time, I tried to re-do everything. 21 weapons this time, with some nicer effects, but still looking kinda crusty (especially from my attempt to make the textures look "HD").

I somehow had the idea to slap an ugly "HUD Add-on" on this thing that gets in the way. Yeah, there's no way to get rid of it, sorry.

The whole thingamajig can be obtained down here.

Some Weird Weapons Mod: Platinum Edition

The last of these that was ever made. Even featured its own little expansion packs. Three were planned, but only two were eventually made, as the third was such an ambitious undertaking that I gave up entirely.

This one's probably the best of the three, while still having its defects. A lot of weapons have been refined and there's very little differencing their incarnations here from their reboot counterparts in SWWM GZ.

Two sequels were also planned, SWWM Iridium for Unreal Tournament 3, and SWWM Z, the predecessor of the Doom mod we all know. Neither of them ever had a chance to happen.

The base pack plus both available expansions can be downloaded below.

Zanaveth Ultra Suite

Bit of a side project while working on SWWM Platinum's expansions. The Ultra Suite was a testing ground for some "more experimental" weaponry. You may recognize a certain beefy beast of an anti-tank gun here.

This one was planned to eventually have a 2.0 "remake", which would feature a certain melee weapon that did not see the light of day until SWWM GZ came along. I'm talking of course about the Pusher. Planned to be the signature weapon of the suite. Like with the main series, there were also plans for an UT3 edition, 3.0, but nope, that one did not get far either.

Fetch this piece of modding history from the following link.